Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Veteran Forcefully Disarmed

A decorated war veteran was disarmed, arrested, and thrown in jail for hiking with his AR-15. The veteran and his 15 year old son were on a 10 mile hike on saturday morning to receive the sons Eagle scout when a cop stopped them on a county road. The officer accused Grisham, the veteran, of "rudely displaying" his rifle in public. The forcefully and with out warning disarmed him and had him on the hood of the car. While this was all happening the son filmed the whole encounter. The policemen had no respect for the mans rights or even the sons.

Ban All Democrats! Right??

Great response to a local newspaper editor that discusses a comical, but also serious quick fix to gun violence.

Monday, April 15, 2013


This is an amazing video showing people all the opportunity and future success to be had in Texas.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Open Carry in Texas?

Should Texas be open carry? This is the question millions of texans and many politicians have been asking themselves lately. With the recent tragic school shootings and murders gun control has been the hot topic in politics, and been open to debate all across america. While the rest of the country is pushing for more gun control it seems that Texas is doing the opposite. They are having the debate over the idea that open carry is a better deterrent and defense against crime then concealed carry. If you don't already know concealed carry license can be acquired by any law abiding citizen over the age of 21 who has completed the necessary background checks and class hours. With this license the gun owner can carry a loaded pistol on his person in public as long as it is concealed and abides by the laws and rules of the grounds he is carrying on. This is very popular across the U.S. and especially in Texas, and has also been known to stop many crimes before they start. But the question is, is open carry better than concealed carry? Open carry would allow you to carry your pistol on your hip for everyone in public to see. Now the question is would this deter the "bad guys" or only show them who their first target should be? While some would love the new open carry law, i also believe others would still conceal just to stay under the radar and have the element of surprise. So the  question to ask yourself is, do i think open carry will benefit the states safety? and would i open carry if given the opportunity? 

Friday, April 12, 2013

3D Printable Gun?

Cody Wilson of Austin, Texas has created the world's first 3D printable gun, THAT WORKS. A Law student at the University of Texas, Cody Wilson, has invested a lot of time and money has been put into creating a downloadable 3D gun file. His non-profit, defense distributed, has been the spearhead for this project and has drawn a lot national and international attention. He has gone on a number of talk shows and made many Youtube videos to showcase his "product". The reason for Wilson's relentless push for an open source 3D gun file is because he sees the United States under attack. Under attack from our own government and its abusive power. He believes that by creating this file that the gun can NEVER be eradicated from the face of the earth. This is his fight for his liberty and his stand against tyrannical government. He considers him self an anarchist, which puts him in the perception as an extremist, but is he? Is he a villan? or a hero?